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[07 May 2010|01:35pm]

Please read these rules before asking to be my friend:
1. If you're only looking for my icons, please friend me at carina_icons.
2. I'm not accepting any friends unless one or more of these apply to you:
- I know you from one of the icon competitions in which I participate.
- You're from HPANA and I've talked to you repeatedly there.
- We've talked a few times before at a community and I know you pretty well.

I don't want to sound like a bitch, but I want to keep my flist small. I like to know the people who read my LJ. Thanks :)

All the people who are already on my flist.. you don't have to "reapply" or anything. I know you all, and I want to continue being your friend. ♥

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